Diesel forklifts 10 to 25t – 7-series

Rugged Front End Design

Rugged Front End design and heavy duty
build quality ensure D160S-7 is tough enough
for any application.

  • J-Hook mounting: Stronger, easier to remove mast
    for service.
  • Six Roller Carriage: Superior strength and
    durability for wider and longer loads.
  • Nested Rails: Reduced width providing better visibility,
    silent staging, and added strength.
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New Air Cleaner

The increased capacity of the Dual Element Air Filters
makes the new 7-series more durable. The integrated
MAF sensor (Mass Air Flow) provides exact monitoring
for better fuel efficiency.

Anti Slip Step Plate

Increase safety when the operator enters the forklift,
especially in the snowy weather.

Easy to maintain

Wide hood opening range and automatictiltable operator cell
for the best accessibility.

Oil-Cooled Disc Brakes (ODB)

Oil cooled disc brakes are available as a standard.

This enclosed Brake system eliminates outside
contamination, significantly extending brake life and
decreasing maintenance cost.

Oil cooled disc brakes have service interval 5 times
longer than conventional shoe brakes, and virtually
maintenance free.

Hydraulic Motor Driven Remote type Cooling Fan

A large capacity cooling fan driven by a remote hydraulic
motor effectively manages operating temperatures, to
minimize engine wear and maximal engine efficiency.

Fan speed changes according to acceleration, for
maximum cooling capacity and minimum energy loss.

Integrated instrument panel

Engine coolant temperature, transmission oil temperature,
speed meter, fuel level gauge and hour meter keeps the
operator aware of the machine’s working conditions.

Engine oil pressure, alternator voltage, water separator gauge
and pre-heater illuminates to alert operator to any problem.


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