Electric forklifts – 4 wheel 2.2 to 3.5t – 7-Series

Ergonomic Interior Design

Operators perform best when their working conditions are perfect and the Doosan 7-Series has been designed to make this a reality.

The specially designed convenience box offers a combination of new and old favorites. It gives great added value, such as large cup holder, USB port & 12V cigar jack and clip board holder.

The steering column and full suspension comfort seat, armrest and optional headrest are all fully adjustable to accommodate every operators individual preferences.

Easy to Operate

Optimal ergonomics give perfect performance. Fast, precise and infinitely adjustable, the new fingertip system makes operating effortless and most efficient.

The direction switch is integrated in the hydraulic lever, meaning quick directional changes, without the need to remove your hand from the levers.

The ergonomic small steering wheel (ø 280 mm) with knob enhances operating comfort and increases the available legroom in the operator compartment.

Ease of Access Ensures Maximum Comfort

Many operators have the need to get on and off the truck regularly during their daily tasks. Thus, we have designed a number of features to make this easier and safer than ever before.

With safety boots, it is easy to mount the forklift, thanks to the large entry plate. The anti-slip pattern ensures good shoe grip, even in snowy and rainy weather conditions.

Mounting becomes easier and safer with the easy grip handle.

High-visibility design

The mast and overhead guard are developed with optimal forward and upward visibility for the operator in mind.

Large Panoramic Mirror

Provides the operator a clear view of the rear working area, improving working safety & efficiency.

LED Lights

Brighter and last longer than traditional sealed beams or halogen lights.

Electromagnetic automatic parking brake

The electromagnetic parking brake replaces the traditional mechanical system, maximizing the level of reliability and thus optimizing safety.

Rear Grab Bar with Horn

Enhances safety, comfort and convenience when traveling in reverse.

Anti-Slip Step Plate

The anti-slip pattern step plate increases safety when mounting the truck during snowy or rainy weather conditions.

Emergency stop switch

Integrated in the fingertip, the emergency stop switch is very easy to reach, to respond immediately to emergency situations.

Integrated horn in fingertip

For optimal safety, it is crucial to respond without even the slightest delay. Therefore, the horn is integrated in the fingertip module, enabling the operator to alert other people immediately, even without lifting his hand.

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Reliable, Stable Operation

Stable, Intelligent and Easy Serviceable Curtis Controller

Simple, Powerful Enclosed Drive & Pump Motor

Specially Designed Electro-magnetic Auto Parking Brake

Easy to Read Instrument Panel

Enables Diagnosis and adjusting Performance Settings

Move Comfortably

Thanks to the rounded counterweight

Optimized Steering Angle (93°)

to minimize the Turning Radius


Virtually maintenance-free Oil-Cooled Disc Brakes

Waterproof and safe for outdoor use



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