LPG forklifts 3.5 to 4t – Cushion tires – Pro-5 Series

Air Cleaner

A large capacity, dual element air cleaner permits long service intervals. The primary filter
can be washed and re-used up to 5 times.

A high air intake on the overhead guard is standard, and aids in drawing clean, cool air into
the engine intake system.

Full Floating Drive Axle

Strong one-piece cast housing keeps axle components aligned. High tensile strength alloy
steel axle shafts extends axle life while splined side gear & drive wheel hub gears transmit high
torque to the drive wheels.

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High Visibility Overhead Guard and Front-end

Wider mast window, repositioned hydraulic hoses and flat
bar style overhead guard optimizes operator sight lines
forward, up and to the load.

Integrated Instrument Panel

The integrated instrument panel provides critical
information instantly. Fuel, oil pressure, temperature and
hour usage are clearly indicated, whilst additional status
information on the mast interlock feature, transmission
status, seat belt, and brake oil level keeps the operator
fully aware of all vehicle performance systems.

Convenince Package

Provides excellent storage for paperwork, refreshments, small
tools, etc.

Auto Tilt Leveling (optional)

Returns the mast to the upright vertical position at
the push of a button.

Deluxe Suspension Seat Operator Sensing System

A comfortable deluxe suspension seat with Operator
Sensing System (OSS), a large seatback angle, longer seat travel
length and operator’s weight resistance on front side allow
multiple adjustments for optimum seating comfort.

  • Parking alarm: Alarm warning when operator leaves the
    seat without applying parking brake.
  • Seat belt indicator: 10 second warning light reminds
    operator to fasten seat belt.
  • Neutral shift feature: Transmission is automatically
    shifted into neutral when the operator leaves the seat with
    the engine running and the direction lever in forward or

Spacious Operator compartment

Wide open operator leg room, stepless tiltable steering
column and ergonomically located operator pedals with a
low cowl height facilitate ease of operation.

Optimum Pedal System (OPS)

This Option Pedal System will reduce the operators
fatigue and provide best sense of drivability. Especially,
the new electronic accelerator will provide the operator
with secure and exact speed control.

Oil- Cooled Disc Brakes(ODB)

Oil cooled disc brakes are available as an option on all G(C)45S-5 series
pneumatic and cushion forklifts and are especially recommended for applications
in humid, abrasive or corrosive environments, or with ramp, loading and
unloading applications. This enclosed brake system eliminates outside
contamination, significantly extending brake life and decreasing maintenance costs.

Oil cooled disc brakes have service intervals 5 times longer than conventional
shoe brakes, and require little to no maintenance.

Power Reversal Transmission

Top mounted control valve on the transmission precisely modulates clutch oil pressure
for smooth forward / reverse directional changes, permitting on-the-go shifting up to 5mph.

Hydrostatic Steering System

  • No mechanical connections between steering wheel and steer axle for reduced
  • Easy Access grease fittings for proper lubrication.
  • Sealed tapered roller bearings offer protection against contamination and in
    high impact applications.
  • Provides low effort steering with quick steering response.



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